28 7 / 2011

somehow. wouldn’t it be intense to think about what life would be like in your very own town that you reside in now but only with a bit of “post-apocalyptic” sprinkled on top? Where would you go? what would make into a weapon from your household items to fight off the radioactive beasts and zombies? how far would you go to save your pets? would the favorite hang-out spot become your safe haven? who would you eat first when you ran out of food? would you stay home and barricade yourself in, or venture out to find safety and a cure? or would you give up and find the person you love more than anything else in the world and tell them how you dream about them every night before downing an entire bottle of sleeping pills? these are all valid questions. When I put myself in the position of a bird flying over my fair town of Pflugerville, I picture all the familiar places. But instead of everything being colorful, everything has that weird blueish gray haze that scary movies get when something bad is about to happen. also, there are some cars crashed into poles and a few little fires. no people. hm, its a bit sad and creepy but entirely fascinating.¬†

I would most likely find a golf club bag (or whatever they are called) and fill it with those metal things you use to poke fire by the fireplace, baseball bats, knives, and golf clubs. i’d text my friends to find out who was alive. I would fill my car with gas because i feel like driving is essential. i would probably try to get away from the city. Austin would probably get crazy. imagine all the weird people that live here as zombies. People in plaid button downs and skinny jeans listening to indie music with their Elvis Costello glasses and¬†dreadlocks, except instead of wanting to talk about their tattoos they just want to eat you. I’d go to my old high school. It’d be the perfect scene for this imaginary tale to take place. Fighting beasts in the old theater. Finding someone to make out with underneath the bleachers in gym 3 because you think you may die and you don’t want to die alone. Beating the shit out of the vending machines to stock up on junk food. But then that moment would come when it stopped being neat and started actually getting scary.

WOAH i watch too many movies